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Full Version: Black algea
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So my old ROTC SMsgt has a 75 gallon tank and he keeps getting black algae thats on his substrate. What could be causing this. Poor lighting? Poor filtration? I dont know the specks but i know its a african cichlid tank. 
Is it a planted tank? I was getting it in our planted tank due to dosing fertilizers. Too much light can cause it too. There are only 2 ways to get rid of it. IF the tanks planted, he can try using a product called Flourish Excel. Its basically like doing co2 injection, but in liquid form and much cheaper. If its not planted have him look for a fish called the Siamese algae eater. Its about the only know fish that eats it.

In our tank we use both flourish and 2 Siamese algae eaters and in a matter of a few weeks all the black algae was gone. He he goes the Siamese algae eater route, make sure to get true Siamese algae eaters. There is also a false Siamese algae eater which doesn't eat algae and gets really aggressive and look really similar to the true ones.. We got ours at aquatic creations. Just ask Myk and he knows which ones to get
Its not planted and it was just set up. Its now gone after a few water changes but good info to know for my planted tank im setting up soon