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Full Version: Need to get some algea away from my polyps
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Anyone know how to get this out without harming my polyps. Went away for a weekend and came back to a grassland on the
you could probably use a tooth brush and carefully brush away the algae and use a tank vacume to vacume it up while you brush it off.
What i do is tack a bucket or tupperware  with some water and scrub the rock carefully with a toothbrush. I keep rinsing the rock after i scrub some till the rock gets to the clean i like. I then discard the dirty water.
personally I would move the rock into a breathable container keeping it in the tank and thrown a mexcican turbo snail in with it. The container should keep the snail in it. I found scrubbing the rock always leave some residual algae and it always come back. The snails have a knack for chewing rigth down to bare rock removing it all all.
Thanks everyone. I scrubbed it for now and if/when it comes back I'll try the snail in a bin trick. I work with Gulf of Maine species so warm water is still new to me.
There are a few lps corals that do not like this but most are ok with it - take tank water and hydrogen peroxide and mix them 10:1. Set coral w/ algae in it for 10 minutes. Algae cannot protect itself from the oxidizer like the corals slime can.
For mechanical removal, an Oral-B electric tooth brush works great. Can be fully submersed in sw if needed w/ out issues.
Pick up a little yellow tang. They graze on it. I have no hair algae in my tanks.