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Full Version: fully set up 29 gallon Biocube for sale
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29 gallon Biocube for sale. In great condition, not quite 4 months old. Would love to keep it, but we don't have the space. It's currently set up and running, but could be packed up in it's original box. Can meet in Concord or Seacoast, but located near Lee/Barrington. It's currently set up with about 20lbs. of live rock, 5 or 6 turbo snails, 7 blue legged hermit crabs, a scarlet legged hermit crab, a brittle starfish, and a blue devil damsel fish. looking to get $300 for all of it, not interested in trades.
also included is a thermometer, heater, protein skimmer, and magnetic algae glass cleaner.
Is it an Oceanic or Coralife Biocube? 
If you part out I will take the crabs and snails :-)
saldo, it's an oceanic.
jellsville, I sold all but one blue hermit crab.

asking $260.
lowering the price to $240.
letting the price to $220. would be an awesome Christmas gift!