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Full Version: Multi Colony Rocks (multiple coral types on one rock)
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Every once in a while in the frag system i'll mount frags to small rocks instead of plugs to build some nice little nano rocks.  These are great to add to any tank but make small nano tanks really interesting.

I have three for sale.

Rock 1:  I would say its a little bigger than a baseball.. certainly longer than one.  asking $30
This rock has:
  • Nice frag of Superman Monti digi
    Lots of great Blue Elephant Palys
    small frag of Elkhorn Montipora (endangered species now)

[Image: rock1a_zps644078b4.jpg]
[Image: rock1b_zps83a89f02.jpg]

Rock 2: Rock two is very nice.  Baseball sized.  $35
This rock has:
  • Orange Monti cap
    Radio Active Green Dragon Eye Zoa
    Eagle Eye Zoa
    Hawaiian Starburst Zoa
    ORA Green Birdsnest
    Purple Monti digi
    Purple Rim Monti cap

[Image: rock2b_zps37ea2ffa.jpg]
[Image: rock2a_zps9ad8ecac.jpg]

Last But not least is my favorite. And its taken a while to grow it out.  This one is good sized.. maybe twice the height of a softball and 1.5x wider.  $55

It has:
ORA Green Birdsnest
Green Star Polyp
Red Fern Macro Algae
Orange Monti cap
Purple Monti digi
Elephant Palys (more blue in person like on rock 1)
Radio active Green dragon Eye Zoa
Fire and Ice Zoa

[Image: rock3b_zpsc6ef5ebd.jpg]
[Image: rock3c_zps93562afc.jpg]

As a special bonus anyone who buys one of these rocks will get a free frag from the frag rack (i have about 50 to choose from)
i like the last one best don,t know if it would be to much of a pain to ship it or meet you somewhere
i wouldn't trust shipping it. the frags would probably fall off from the box moving around in transit.

unfortunately i'm never up your way. Sad

you are more than welcome to come by .. i'd toss in a couple more frags for the travel hassel Tongue
I'd love to ask you to hold on to them for me; however, I know that wouldn't be fair. I would happily buy all three live rocks from you. Also if you have elkhorn frags  I'd like to take a few of those off your hands.
coming to the frag swap on the 24th?

if so i would be glad to hold on to them for you Smile

I have plenty of elkhorn in the frag system.

i'm currently fragging a ton for the frag farmers market in march.  i usually end up with some stray pieces here and there. i wil keep adding to the rocks for you too.

these have matured a bit since the pictures too. the frags are encrusting nicely.

I have all intentions to make it to the fragswap, finally. I just need to make sure i have that day off. Either way I'd gladly come around the end of the month and take what I can off your hands. As you may remember, I show up for one or two items and end up walking away with a bit more. I look forward to hopefully giving you more of my money, ha.
yeah i'm game.  its no bother to hang on to them. they are doing very well in the frag system right now
i've made up a few more of these multi rocks that are a little cheaper..

the wife and I have ended up without a job as of a couple days ago.. any sales would greatly help us out Tongue

looking forward to sunday! looks like we will have a good turnout
Hi do you have anything left to sell ? Thanks
I will let you know tonight.

i have a potential buyer swinging by to possibly grab the multi rocks that i have left.
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