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Full Version: Hm?
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I had like 3 questions that I thought of in bed last night but I can only remember two... soooo to start:

1. Do dottybacks eat bristleworms? I thought I'd read that somewhere but I can't remember where, and if they do that's awesome because there are so many in my tank and they creep me out!

2. Do dottybacks jump from the tank? I had a nightmare about that last night... oh can't you tell where my mind sits, at ALL times?

#1  dont think so,  the only thing I have actually seen eat bristle worms were triggers

#2  yes,  almost every fish with a swim blatter jumps

#3  ummmmmm
Haha okay thanks. I am on the hunt for my new dottyback. I think it's inside my big rock, but it's not decaying inside my tank so far as I can tell. I tested for everything and it's all at 0 so I think it's just wicked shy so far.

I didn't see it on the floor or anywhere else so that's good lol, plus nothing in my tank would intimidate it, all I have is a pair of the friendliest clownfish you'll ever meet!!

Still don't know number three from the other day but I thought of a new one!

If using a test kit with the solution and water and blah blah blah(gosh I hope you know what I am saying my brain is totally shut down today), how long do the results last before the are no longer accurate? Like will they begin to show an untrue color?
i think it all depends on the test kit. some dont show true results for 5-10 min.
  I would think it would show true results until either water or something starts to evaporate from the test.
interesting thank you. I was just asking because I tested for ammonia and stuff and the directions say wait 5 minutes for the color to develop and then compare it to the chart and I did, but then like 7 minutes after that 5 minutes it was a totally different color. (I just hadn't rinsed it out yet)