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Full Version: The Mystery Wrasse
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I got him about a month ago, But just got the wife to bring home the camera.So heres a pic!!!

[Image: reeftank002-1.jpg]
must be a ninja wrasse.. I dont see him..

lol  I think you posted the wrong picture url lol
Lol you are rite sir!!
Here is the correct pic!!! sorry everyone!

[Image: reeftank004-1.jpg]
that is a sweet looking wrasse.  safe with all the critters?
I have an opportunity to grab one of these.. but i was reading they get 5" in could eat small shrimps and crabs.. have any issues thus far?
Ive had zero issues with mine so far! it's worth it for me if he picks off a crab here or there in the future to have him!!! they are less then a buck. and they dont live to long anyways!
If you can get one i would jump all over it! unless it has a bad past so far as being a bully! cause if it is a mean one it will cause a lot of ruckus in the tank!
cool looking fish