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Full Version: Algae, diatoms. some cyno
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looking for advice on what to do, and whats the cause of this algae and diatoms. It started saturday morn and has gotten worse since so i dont think it was anything i got from the swap. levels are    (Ammonia: .25ish,  Nitrate: almost 0,  Nitrite:0,  Alk 240,  PH: 8.0) done with Mardel dipstick test, (Calcium: 520,  Phosphate: 0) done with api test kits
How long has the tank been set up and what lighting do you have? With phosphate most test kits only test inop and not active or something like that so forget about testing phos. This is normally things you see with a new setup. You can also get cyano from old bulbs that will start to give off red light.

I would say weekly 10% waterchanges and light feedings several times a day. If posable. Other then that you should be fine. If this continues for a month with no effect i would pick up some phose ban. 
What are you using for flow? I dont see any powerheads in the picture.

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i see a powerhead in the back there.. but more flow would certainly help.

the hard part about the bicube setups is hooking up a good skimmer to them.  the more effectively you can skim the better off the tank will be.  it will pull out nutrients before they have a chance to break down and eventually turn into nitrates.. which are a food source for algae.

for the time Being reduce your photo period.  this will give the algae less energy to grow. 

also with that sort of algae growth you want to keep good flow on that sponge. algae can take over a sponge pretty quick.. so you want to keep good flow on it so the algae doesnt grow on it.

I have diy LED kit with (36x3 watt) Bridgelux LED's.. I set this tank up back in august had a horrible diatom problem in november removed everything out of the tank except sand and water, then restarted everything first week of january..  I've been doing 10% water chages every week since then using poland springs 2.5 gal, mixing instant ocean.

There is one 500gph power head along with the pump. I might add another
the thing with diatoms is they eventually burn out.  they use up whatever is in the tank and then thats the end of them.

i would grab a Poly Filter and cut it up and use it on the drip plate in the back of the tank.  They strip out any silcates and phosphates, nitrates and ammonia.. which are all contributors to diatom growth.

this is the product i'm referring to.  I've always sworn by them

ya ive been looking around at better skimmers that can fit in the back of the cube, the current one doesnt seem to be doing anything even after changing the airstone its just putting clear water in the cup.. and i'll try to get better flow on the sponge
ill order one of those poly filters to try, currently i have live rock with carbon filter cut to size in the back
carbon is good for contaminants but it wont strip out phosphates and silicates which will be the big contributors to the diatom growth
some people end up notching out the back of the biocube hood and installing a remora skimmer or something of the like on the back.
CPR makes a drop in skimmer now that fits in the middle chamber of the back of the tank

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