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Full Version: Fender Squier Stratocaster
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Early 1980's Squier Stratocaster made in Korea (not China or Indonesia). These are fairly hard to come by. As can be seen in the photos, I have removed the original pickguard/pickups and tuners. I have replaced the pickups with American Series Fender pickups mounted in a white pearloid pickguard. The volume/tone knobs & selector switch have also been replaced with new Fender parts. I have also replaced the tuners with newer versions as well. The original parts will be included with the guitar. It does have a few chips in the red finish. $125 for the guitar (parts are worth that).  If you want the amp, add $25.  It is a Peavey Rage 158 amplifier (15 watts) that works well & looks nice. I have replaced the power transformer in it.  Pickup in Dover.

Thanks for looking
frags for the guitar?
Unfortunately, not at this time

Thanks for looking, though
i have lots of clean live rock too Tongue
No thanks

Just looking for cash at this point to put towards something else I spotted.

Just the parts on it are worth more than I'm asking for the guitar.  In addition, I had completely copper shielded the body cavities & underside of the pick guard plus then grounded the pick guard/tremolo/claw/jacks to the same point, to eliminate the 60 cycle hum common to Strats (I find the hum on the single pickup switch positions really annoying personally).

i hear ya. i'm strapped for cash just invested my play funds into a 73 vw bus.

i play bass and drums..but wouldnt mind having a guitar to use for writing. I did have a really nice parker pm20 but sold it 2 winters ago when funds were tight.

best of luck!
Guitar is sold

Still have the Peavey amp for $25 if someone is looking for a small practice amp