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Full Version: 40 Gal Breeder Tank for Trade!
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We have an un-drilled un-painted 40 gallon breeder in awesome shape.... it was only used for about 3 months. We're looking to trade it for some fun frags... shoot us a message with what you have to trade!

We are located in Biddeford, ME.... about 30 minutes from the NH boarder!
I'll trade frags for the 40g.

I am in Rochester NH.

i typically sell frags for $5-10 each.. 90% of what i have fall under the $5 category.

i would trade 12 or so frags for he tank.. if that works hit me back and we can plan something for monday if you are free.
That sounds awesome! PM sent!
Give us a call 207-289-5122
Melissa and Jeremy