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Full Version: Live Rock 120+ lbs Must sell asap!
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okay i have about 120lbs .. maybe more of live rock that i need to sell.  I've been working on my 73 vw bus and need to redo the brakes. So i'm looking to sell the rock quickly.

looking for $3 per lb  or you can buy the whole lot for a best offer price.

looking to move it quickly.

its a mix of awesome shapes, a good amount of tonga branch and a couple good size awesome shaped rocks.  Very porous stuff.
[Image: 3r23G93Ia5Kd5t15J7d6b3dac249ccf1c1167.jpg]

down to 82lbs  $150 takes it all!!
If you still have the rock on Wednesday night I will take it all for the 150$... If you sell some in the meantime I will take what ever you have left if we can figure out a prorated price! Give me a text if this works for you. Thanks Alan
text sent Smile
Any still left? 
Still havd the 82 pounds for 150$

Had a no show

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Call me at 603-539-1808    I'm on a bike only at the moment.. in Ossipee right on rt 16.. if you could  deliver today, cash is in your hands..  Karl