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Full Version: Tubs blue frags
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I have 2 mini colony of tubs blue zooanthids- 10-15 polyps each- $40 per or $70 for both
ok to text 603-828-9446- pic is of mother
I also have an ECC Hybrid watermelon chalice with 6 eyes- this beauty glows in the tank- $75
purchase this weekend and I will throw in a chunk of reeftech orange cap
Interested, but frag tank is getting full while DR is fallow!

Sunday ok?
yes- text me- 828-9446

The frag and monti I just picked up look great.

Sent text, arranged meet, picked up frags all in about a 90 min window.

If I read the OP correctly, he stated the pix was of the parent colony, didn't see him claim as his own.