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Full Version: Corals for sale
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Gorilla Nipples colony- $40
Hybrid grape Chalice- multi eyed colony- $75
Blue tubs mini colony-10 polyps- $40
Lime extreme glow scoly- $150
Chunk of reeftech orange cap- $35
mini colony blue hornets (5 polyps)- $75
text for quickest response- can meet near Dover
more pics
more pics
blue tubs, grape watermelon- sold
also have a really nice size yellow finger leather that I would let go for $35. 5" tall with multiple fingers- text me for a pic- 828-9446
lot's still available
leather and cap sold- still have a 10 poly mini colony of blue hornets!!
Leather and cap are doing great! Thank you for meeting me and I will keep in touch. Thanks again for hooking it up!
Aslo have a 10 polyp colony of purple hornets- $75
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