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Full Version: Like new AquaC Remora protein skimmer
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would like to sell this lightly used (looks just like new) hang on tank AquaC Remora protein skimmer.
skimmer comes with a very new maxijet 1200 pump

Pickup in SalemNH for $75

If you want me to ship then it would be $80 shipped anywhere within the us.

You can read more info about the product from this link


[Image: 1.JPG]
[Image: 2.JPG]
[Image: 3.JPG]
[Image: 4.JPG]
what is the total thickness of it when its mounted on the tank? i have very limited space on the side i need to mount it.
the only thing that goes inside the tank is just the pump, the rest of the skimmer body go outside of the tank.  I believe somewhere around 3 inches maybe
yeah thats what i need the exact measurements off. what sits outside of the tank when its hanging.  i try to find them online
I've got one on my 30g cube and it needs total of 3.25 inches between the glass and the wall.  That includes that space between the skimmer and the glass. 
cool i will measure tomorrow morning and see what i come up with! thanks!
any taker before it go to Ebay?

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