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Full Version: 20 Gallon Nano - Complete
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Possibly a first - we're moving into a new office building in January and I just received word that the fish aren't invited (even fish can get laid off!)  :'(

I'll be taking the fish home to the big tank, but I don't need another tank at home.  Here's the deal:

20 gallon tank, aluminum/lexan stand, heater, sunpod metal halide light, hydor nano pump, penguin bio-wheel,  aquaclear filter, rocks, sand, some frags (green zoos, toadstool, green tree, etc.)

$175.00 - not really interested in trades at this time.  PM works best

The tank is in Dover (Crosby Road)

curious how many watts that light is?  Im just interested in the light if you part it out...
It's a current USA 70 watt sunpod.  There are six white & six blue LED's in addition to the MH bulb.  I have them on timers so that the whites are on during the day & the blues act as a "night light" when the office lights are turned off.  I also have the legs as well as the hanging kit (the light is too wide to use the legs on the 20 gallon tank)

I've seen just the lights going for around $100 on other forums.

The filters and tank are less than six months old (wanted something larger than the previous Aquapod 12) and have extra cartridges to go with the filters also. 

I'd also consider trading the setup for a sump for my 90 such as an sump/overflow (Aqueon, eShopps, Marineland, etc.), a Digitech Jamman Solo, or equivalent value tenor uke.

If someone wants to buy the complete setup this weekend for $175 cash, I'll include a JBJ auto top-off and 10 gallon tank - I don't think you're going to find a better deal
So you asking $100 for the light? and $75 for the livestock, tank, ATO, filters, sand....?
No... so far the plan is still to sell it as a complete package.  I was adding the other items (JBJ & 10 gallon) this weekend only as an enticement to move the entire setup

You'd asked the wattage of the light.  When I sent that, I added what I'd seen them selling for on other sites as a reference to emphasize the value of buying everything combined as a package.  Sorry for any confusion.

$125 for the whole thing this upcoming weekend (1/18 or 1/19).

Possible sump trade that will work on my 90?

PM works best

Setup has been sold