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Full Version: Coralife Super Skimmer (SOLD)
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SOLD - We've upgraded our protein skimmer and no longer need our Coralife Super Skimmer 65. It rated for tanks up to 75 gallons but we were using it on a 120 gallon and it worked great for us! It can be set up as an HOB skimmer or in sump. It retails for $199.99 at Petco but we're only looking to get $40 for it. It comes will everything that was in the box including a new bubble defuser. It's a couple of years old but we've only had it on the tank for about 6 months of that two years. It's quick and easy to set up, taking about 2 minutes in total to have it up and running! It will need to be picked up in Biddeford, ME.

[Image: CoralifeProteinSkimmerBanner_zpsc7f149c4.jpg]