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Full Version: Brackish Fish
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I'm going to try to introduce a pair of guppies and mollies into my tank Big Grin
mollies usually are super easy.. just toss them in.  guppies might take some time.
Have you tried before? Any tips?
with the mollies you can just put them in the salt .. directly from the fresh water. lol its crazy .. but they will be fine.. you can acclimate over if you want.  Guppies take a little longer.. i would give them at least a 5-6hour acclimation time.

i had mollies once. i was told they would help with hair algae. they didnt. they did breed though! all 8 babies got eaten and they two adults eventually died.
there a person on youtube who beleaves mollies are like the best saltwater fish ever. like there better then snails and crabs and tangs for eating algea. its funny but sad how opinoneated this person is. the tanks they have are looking vary dirty and i asked why and they were like if your tank dosent look dirty its not healthy. i left it at that
lol  um no.  a dirty tank is a neglected tank. livestock can help with algae but the only way to get rid of it is to fix the problem. just my opinion
thats what i was trying to tell the person. they have like 5 120g tanks all looking the same. all they do to fix it is put about 100+ snails and 100+ hermit crabs
So I got a silver and gold dust mollies and are swimming around, My guppie is still getting acclimated.
keep us posted on how they do
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