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Full Version: 45 Gallon Set up w/ Solid Oak Stand and Canopy
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This is a great set-up and would make an amazing holiday gift for someone! The stand and canopy are by All-Glass and are custom pieces ordered from All-Glass, the custom set sells for $899.99 retail! The stand and canopy are in amazing shape... the aquarium has a few small scratches... nothing crazy and did get a couple of small chips on the edge, this does not cause any issues with it being water tight. The stand and canopy really are the stars of the show... I just tossed the tank in so it would be a more complete package. The entire set up including tank, stand and canopy together measure 58" tall x 38" wide x 14" front to back. The heater works great and the light fixture has all new bulbs in it, they were replaced about a month ago. I'm only asking $230 for the set up! I'm not really looking for trades for this set up. It can be picked up in Biddeford, ME. Feel free to message me here or shoot me (Melissa) a text at (207) 423-1554.

Included in this set up:

Solid Oak Stand w/ storage underneath
Solid Oak Canopy w/ hinged door for feeding or light control
45 Gallon Aquarium
Odyssea Quad T5HO Lighting with LCD screen, built in timers and controls
Deep Blue Pro-Series Quartz Heater (300watt)
2 x Power Strips Built into the Stand

[Image: DSCF1501_zps01f97e2e.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1498_zps862fb251.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1502_zps746f6034.jpg]
very temping. good prices considering the new bulbs and it looks to be in great shape too.
Thanks, it is in really great shape.... I just don't have any room for it in the new house. We already have our 75 gallon display tank and our 40 breeder frag tank all set up. I think that's enough for us for now.  Smile
yeah i hear you.  I have a 55G display and a dual 40 system in the basement.  in this dry season thats enough for me too. trying to keep up with al the top off can be a chore