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Full Version: My other, less mentioned tank
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So I'm always here talking about my Reef and realized that I have never really put my freshwater system in the spotlight! So here is a pic of my 55 gallon planted system!
[Image: tevehyva.jpg]

So I have all sorts of plants I actually started this as an amazon biotope more specifically the Casiquiare canal then I decided to ditch it after about a year as it was limited and looked bare just the substrate that cost a bit because it was supposed simulate the natural river bed a couple of pterophyllum scalare a handful of neon tetras and one plant. Now the system has many plants from many areas I traded the 2 angels and some cash for a discus added a few rocks and a few Rummynose a pair of black skirt tetras and a pair of bristle nose plecos that just had babies a a couple of weeks ago and now I seem to have around 15 or 20 of them. I'm running an Eheim jager 150 watt heater a marineland emperor slightly moded filter and current usa's satellite plus led lights
Just thought I'd share my prize Fish of this tank since I  was finally able to get a picture of him

[Image: enaqu9yz.jpg]
looking good!
sweet tank man, that looks great. And that discus is awesome