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Full Version: Membership Drive Contest! Running now through the end of march Tons of Prizes
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I have some really nice goodies to give away here on the forum(and will be adding more to the list) and figured it would be a great way to get some supporting members here on the forum to help keep things running smoothly.  Funds from the forum contests and membership go to web hosting, flyers, gas for distributing flyers.. etc.  As things progress and the forum grows to a larger membership funds will help get the frag flea markets funded and running Smile  Any member support is greatly appreciated.

Here is what is up for Grabs.

Brand New Reef Gently Acclimate (www.reefgently.com)  Awesome fish acclimation system  with a $60 value

$25 Gift Certificate to  Genesis Reef Systems (www.genesisreefsystems.com

$25 Gift Certificate to  The Frag Farmer (www.thefragfarmer.com)

$25 Gift Certificate to  The Frag Farmer (www.thefragfarmer.com)

$25 Gift Certificate from Myk at  Aquatic Creations (good for service, livestock or drygoods)

Free Frag from my tank!

and more to come.

The winner will be chosen via drawing a raffle ticket out of a hat. I can do a short video or actually host a frag swap here at the house and draw it then. Feel free to chime in on what method you would prefer Smile

Here is what you have to do to enter.  (i will add your name to the players list  after completion)

[Image: con1.jpg]
[Image: con2.jpg]
[Image: con3.jpg]
[Image: con4.jpg]
[Image: con5.jpg]

1. Wiz
2 Benboarder
4. Airborne Reefer
5. cps68500
6. evilbuell
7. teamguthix
8. Seascope
i think the short video might be easier. but either way Smile
can i just pay you the 10 dollers for the year? i dont have good luck with paypal
yeah thats fine. remember next time we trade  and i can process the membership on the forum via cash. thats fine Smile
will do tuseday
will you be home later tonight to give you the 10 bucks?
thanks ben!
Are you doing a name draw per item?
one person gets the whole pot Smile

should have some more good certs from some other sponsors too Smile
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