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Full Version: Membership Drive Contest! Running now through the end of march Tons of Prizes
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I plan on being a supporting member, it just may take a week or so. I think id probly pay in person as well.
Added JimmyC to the list!


also Myk has decided to toss a $25 cert in the pot!  Thanks myk!
added another frag farmer gift certificate to the pot!

this is shaping up to be quite the prize package!

anyone else feel like supporting the board?
added Airborne Reefer to the Contest! Thanks for the Support!
added cps68500 to the list! thanks!
added evilbuell to the list!
anyone else?

The funds from this  will be going toward getting club buisness cards made so I can give them to everyone for free to hand out to friends and people you meet who might want to join the club!
i wouldnt need to be present at the swap to win....right?  not sure if i can make it yet
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