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Does anyone know what this is?
[Image: 192c4d231af057f973de41eb5911af3e.jpg][Image: 2187d3553fc130ceb7ad9a72bca0ebf9.jpg][Image: e5d0b21d4eeab7baf3b677d8376f760f.jpg]
I am not sure what you are talking about here since there seems to be a lot in the picture? I see an acan lord and some kind of SPS
[Image: fcf9489b286e1bc1da916677ddde1d9b.jpg]
My wife says it's like a deep red color growing out of what I was told is my micromussa
[Image: 0d9797e8c285270fe00aec8fc2216528.jpg]
This is an image of another colony I have so you can see the difference
Maybe it is a sponge. Does it pull / blow off easy?
Honestly I have not tried anything yet I will try in the morning
Yes it came right off
[Image: 9265dc773f374bfe6d325ca8d7b8a78f.jpg]
Wierd. Looks like algae. Was it bothering the coral?
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