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Full Version: CHEAP!! Equipment for sale
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RR 90gal tank, stand, canopy.
~20"x48.5"x24" tank, about 6' tall
Back-left corner overflow, plumbing and sump included.

Reefbreeder LEDs 48" w/ hanging kit
Bought them in July

Small MH 250watt lamp.
Tank side-mounting kit
Unsure of age but bulb is still good

90-125gal rated skimmer, unsure of the brand, possibly Coralife

4' Marinelife LED lights
Day/night/off switch

Will post more stuff when I get it ready. Pickup in Tilton, NH. I commute to North Hampton most days. PM for pics and details.

Eshopps In-sump protein skimmer rated for 75-100gal tanks
Here's the 90gal all set up. I would say it's about 120gal including the sump.

Also have a 4' t5 HO light for sale. Nice quality unit from fosters and smith. Fully programmable whites/blues/actinic/night
Bump! Still have tank stand and canopy for $300. Will include sump, plumbing and everything you need for a reef tank. Tilton, NH