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Full Version: New Mandarin
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We bought a female red mandarin from snowmaker last weekend. She is very camera shy but we did manage to get a couple of shots of here, although not good shots. She'll stay in the same spot for several minutes but as soon as you break the camera out she hides., lol She is very plump and eats frozen brine shrimp as well as picking at the rocks.
[Image: DSCN0153.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0152.jpg]

I will work on getting better pics. These don't even show half of how colorful she is
I LOVE mandarins. I want to set up another tank just so i can have one.
she is pretty colorful.. i saw her in person... briefly.. not the most outgoing fish yet!
One of my Favs...I've been thinking about picking one up. I had one in my 75 last summer that did really well...which is a little surprising considering I had no clue what I purchased when I got him. Guy at Pet Quarters told me they were easy...then I got it home and read up on them. I was lucky enough where it took frozen brine immediately....from what I gather some are pretty picky. Gorgeous fish when they actually come out where you can see em'
Managed to get a better picture of her. She's coming out more and more, but never during feeding. She must be getting plenty of pods though because she is nice and fat. Hopefully she will start coming out at dinner time so I can feed her frozen food, I know she eats it, lol
[Image: DSCN0196.jpg]