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Full Version: yellow watchman gobby
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So i have a small yellow watchman and he was friendly at first but now he has "his spot" and every time a fish swims by he lunges at them. It's not an issue right now really cuz he is like 1/3 the size of my angel and stuff. but I was wandering when he gets bigger do you think he'll be a harasser or just terratorial? any imput is always helpful thank you
i think this shouldnt last long as he gets usto the tank mates and finds out he has nothing to worrie about
i think normally they protect their caves they make.  usually when paired with the pistol they take turns guarding the spot Smile


yea typical behavior...ive always kept a watchman & it's what they do..more of a flare than an actual attack.. Just don't get another fish w/ the same bottom dwelling tendencies.