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Full Version: Tank and lights for sale including a complete set up
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I have a few items for sale:


[Image: 9f1760279a0e528119dced0be5c78759.jpg]
29g rimless/ frameless cube - $100 obo

[Image: 5f87ebc7dd9f4d3f9cf207c1b1c08c85.jpg]
[Image: b5ea0fff282c5f71b97d50a07f539a04.jpg]
[Image: fe968dc968b1a1a946244210e85a1747.jpg]
40g drilled breeder - $40 obo

[Image: ef499b237a6422fc65bc655b08b99fe3.jpg]
[Image: b8edb9f22461940fa6a22b7a1a49a361.jpg]
[Image: 121794eadb973178f7bad9834647eefd.jpg]
[Image: 02a954f6e1c4927498073bcbe187708d.jpg]
[Image: 8fc0e4025a0d331c049b412c928b7aa9.jpg]
15g nano column with stand -$120
Comes with complete set up adjustable heater, Coralife power head and battery thermometer, marine land emperor 280 filter with extra filter pads. Also has a cover with a one bulb t5(I was going topless  with an ai prime) and 3 strip moonlight led. Has cycled water and live rock as I just recently broke it down Sunday. ( was given the go ahead for an upgrade) fish ready!!


[Image: ede34155358b1a6019fc625d46b5ba9e.jpg]
[Image: a8dc0c3d3ed75d4c8c5e082992c188df.jpg]
[Image: 49eecf6e836c2059c398ee4b89902d85.jpg]
Taotronics led  55x3w - $100 obo

[Image: 3d29833141a25f9076bbb1920e944354.jpg]
[Image: be843e38619e30c5c4af0506d65c4a83.jpg]
Ai prime w/ mount - $215
(less than two months old)

[Image: 81444e52e75be881e0b6fb6178605a47.jpg]
[Image: c20f8f1c384522ac30ff3210ef10f023.jpg]
2 bulb 23" t5 with legs - $60 obo

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Will trade a load of frags for tao light...
What do you have

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Kinda have some issues atm,, so have to back out on frag trades,, treating for  planaria  (flatworms)  and wont let anything go out till i'm double dawg sure there aren't any more planaria.. I am so mad at myself for not quarantining stuff and getting these in my system..    And well I have a  220 and 135, so this,, "pest"  is costing me a whole lot of time , money and aggravation... even the ups man is pissed,, too many buckets!  Lol      However, I may just plunk the cash for it.. Where are you located?  Salem NH ?  Karl
Its a nasty fight to be in takes a while to win but i have done it keep your chin up

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Yeah I let them go,, reading they were mo harm.. Didnt read further.. WELL..  First dose is done,, Cost me a pile of cash,( approaching 500 dollars now) , and... ALL MY TANGS  died from the stress of the dead worms toxins.... NOT a happy reefer today...  First time EVER I regret having a very large system... Treating my nano tank was easy peasy, and lost NOTHING, as it was not so heavily infested..
Sorry to hear  that man, best of luck and yes I'm in Salem nh

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My hippo tang was fine through the process but i lost my yellow tang when i did it

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(04-22-2016, 03:52 PM)Zach link Wrote: [ -> ]My hippo tang was fine through the process but i lost my yellow tang when i did it

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Interested in anything Zach?
Not at this time right now the tanks are happy just waiting to grow Smile

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