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Full Version: 2 Gen3 Radions with RMS mounts for sale
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[Image: 2cb4d59dfa71550b7e36e9d7a55e0d89.jpg][Image: 1e4bc5ed7defcbfe1a5aaa46de283f95.jpg][Image: 6327c466610d498165bd3e6b4daadc2e.jpg][Image: 888dad4ebd5dca232cc4e0e7b8502160.jpg][Image: 9aa603cc1745e26879fc9fe8fda0a61a.jpg][Image: 3b9775d0dd6cd9f0bff5a2e12fd3217e.jpg][Image: 43972d97b641f20cd58d8e3e8ddf5277.jpg][Image: ad432de5296f236d16f6e64461a7c2b7.jpg]

One is older than the other. And has some weird warping in the top plastic plate... but doesn't affect it at all and the internals are all intact. $450 for everything

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I definitely want them but I can't spend any money right now...

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Ok... let me no if anything changes
Knew that was going to happen at that price...

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I sold them for a friend... ya that was a real good deal!