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Full Version: Protein skimmer
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So after getting zapped by my tank i discovered it was from my protein skimmer pump. Tried silicon around the wire base hoping that might temporarily seal it since i currently cant afford to replace it for a few weeks but it did not work. Gonna have to go without a skimmer for a couple weeks while i get the money to get either a new pump or decide to buy a whole new skimmers. In the meantime, does anyone have a suggestions where a good place for a new pump or skimmer would be? Or a good used one that wont zap me? Im currently using a reef octopus coral vue with the otp-1000s pump.

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That sucks! I wish I had a spare skimmer to loan you till you get one... I would hate to see your tank crash because of this. Maybe someone has an spare they could loan you?

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Thought I might have a used spare but it is an otp-2000

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Try contacting reef octopus.... they might give you a deal on a new pump or help you out somehow. I had a skimmer from them(almost 2years old) that had a bad pump and they replaced it under warranty. Worth a shot to contact them.
That sucks buddy. I'm surprised it did not affect the inhabitants at all. I have a skimmer rated for 65 gallons in the closet if you have any use for that. It's an sca-301
It would be better then what i currently have what would you like for it?

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Details here: http://www.coralvue.com/otp-2000-skimmer-pump ... Which connector would you need and would your air ventura fit? I'll re-look tonight to make sure I have impeller and see what else.

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Just sitting in my closet Zach why don't you just take it give me back when you get a new one. If you don't wind up getting a new one you can have it
Wow! buddy of mine just got a 75 gallon tank and is not planning on setting up his tank for a few weeks and wont need his skimmer for like a month so while my skimmer is down he is letting me test out his aqua c 180 for him thanks Ben!

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