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Full Version: June Swap!
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Sorry i didnt set up a may swap got a little caught up in things but im ready for another swap and have lots of frags ready for it! Who is coming and where would you like to go? If i remember right seacoast aquatics was wanting to try hosting another swap.

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I have to work weekends now. I'm not out of work till 4:30??
Evening swap maybe?

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I'm hoping to make it to this one, lately I have had Sundays off if it happens on a weekend.

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Evening would work for me.
June is a very busy month for me.. if I can make it I will but can't commit to anything.

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The only evenings I'm available is Sunday. Happy to make it if I can as always. And I have quite a few at the moment as well
A Sunday evening would work well for me too.

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Although I wouldn't be offering any frags for trade as the tank is too new, I'll go to peruse the wares, Sundays work for me as well
when and where is the June NH swap?
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