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making a formal thread for the November Swap.
Saturday November 4th from 2 to 5 at the Manchester NH petco!

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If I’m not working I’ll be there!
Me in

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Someone bring me some fun zoas and acans

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I'll be working!
Ill be there for sure and i did go to the store to make sure its legit and it is. they will be able to setup some tables and have extension chords for power for us to bring things. Only thing to note is they are allowing the swap to take place in the store but the store is not in essence apart of or sponsoring the event and will not be swapping corals with us. It would be an inventory nightmare for them so at this point its just a cool facility and environment for the swap. From what alexis was telling me they have alot of fresh new people wanting to or have quite recently started the adventure of reef keeping and would love to have them get to see and speak with all of us veterans out there and have a fun day of it. And of course swap and talk amongst ourselves too!

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It's really cool for alexis and petco to allow the club to be there. And I believe it will benefit both parties. Thanks to zach as well for making it happen. Smile pretty awesome
I'll be there and can bring coral just not gunna have a set up there but I will post pictures of coral and equipment I can bring if people are interested can do single or double head frags of any most of the zoas,blasto,hammer, also have bubble gum digi frags and tons more [Image: fd029f29e74889b4710019a05969f255.jpg][Image: 9478f481cf104f93b466fe5e1064619d.jpg][Image: e7977d93ca10dde3c897d3130b937a25.jpg][Image: 07f639005955a504599cfacd52ddd13e.jpg][Image: fc3b68c45466f2b0d57f289bf0ec3889.jpg][Image: 991ea60e15f00a812e70df135c0dbb2b.jpg]

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Its been a long time since I have been to a swap. I have nothing to trade but definitely look forward to picking up some new frags!
Hey nano could i see more pics of the blastos you could bring? Also what is this zoa? Never seen it really like it.
[Image: d79a3ea9baf6789d484dac16ee1ad9a8.jpg]

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