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Full Version: Frag Farms Market 2018
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I scored the following listed below. It was great to meet up. What did everyone else snag?

Jason Fox Bloody Sunrise Montipora
Jason Fox Cold Fusion Montipora cap.
Jason Fox Party crasher Cyphastea
Montipora setosa
Jose Casa Rainbow Acro.
blue Acro. Tort. from Greg Hiller
Yellow & Purple Scroll Coral
A Favia that I had years ago that I absolutely love.
A really cool Caulerpa from the Florida Keys
Maxima Clam
Indo gold torch colony
Oregon tort
Stelleta monti
Unknown acro
[Image: 75e76908d600dfc47f01ac84e34b6f80.jpg][Image: 833c29a9b071145a266d1c377150ca59.jpg][Image: 97329b0296b64e7997e985f0e37f2b9f.jpg][Image: 04a82d6d6e5b80313972b12bb304c9f6.jpg][Image: 722801fa3dbfec2f51fa779b23d73985.jpg][Image: 64ca8b017e5fdca06df5e103e1647dda.jpg][Image: a51b41cb0ce6100361c1ee4cd181e43b.jpg]

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Looks like you got some Nice pieces!
I had a blast this year!! I’m very glad I went. I also won a few things in the raffle finally. I won a pair of Orchid Dottybacks and a box of a ton of fauna Marin additives,glue,food,etc. but this was what I scooped up! So for acros I got:
Walt Disney
Orange passion
Oregon tort
Blue matrix
Joe the coral
Slime ball anacropora[Image: 7b3796be3231c19a4addd5e486ca411a.jpg][Image: 867b68c91de69b5fca04c92c7f5a3fd9.heic]

2 Jason fox Corals[Image: 8eb8bd83e5f492038b9f082e46be78af.heic][Image: 66584a70b448d20a93dccb6c2a14184b.heic]
JF Fruity pebbles montipora[Image: 4b0f8138efb565131232195eb7e0bf20.heic][Image: 23046b1d49c3000ab4a5996e0dca5f5c.heic]
JF Superman Chalice

Utter chaos
Blow pops

[Image: 37f3b070c016a83209883b09f65ef322.heic][Image: 4865166dee206dca24bce0c6b466123e.heic][Image: 8c54749e363c7e6a33a4b9f9d3f6aec0.jpg]UC fascination Favia
[Image: a0151c72d8603b2364e0efbedd8985d7.heic][Image: 8dac6ee02344f5ceda6bc8d1120207f3.heic]Another type of favia im trying to figure what it is

And I got two real cool mushrooms. With pics of those to come later.

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