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Full Version: Free Shipping on $99 orders!
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Back by popular demand, place a order of $99 or more and receive free shipping!.  Just enter the code freeship99 during checkout.  This deal is for coral and invert purchases only and ends on Wednesday the 21st.  And to sweeten the pot, we have an assortment of coral on sale right now.  Here are a few examples...

31% off green Rock Flowers!  Just $19.99!!
[Image: greenrockflowers-510x510.jpg]

Rainbow Ricordia just $19.99
[Image: rainbowricnew2.jpg]

$24.99 Vivid Stingers!
[Image: vividstingers1.jpg]

ATL Appleberry Palawanesis now just $74.99
[Image: appleberry1.jpg]

Come take advantage of this awesome shipping offer before time runs out!

Thanks for looking,
Cultivated Reef
That Appleberry is sweet!
(03-14-2018, 03:41 PM)Drewl117 Wrote: [ -> ]That Appleberry is sweet!
I was thinking the same!

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