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Full Version: Second Official Grow Out Contest
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There are 13 frags available and they can only be picked up at the June Swap on June 23rd 2018.  Weekly photo postings will be mandatory.  Prize is a $50 gift card to Aquarium Depot. Winner will be decided the end of September.

[Image: 5526.jpg]
Ryan Sutton nhrsutton
Tank: 34 gallon RSM with heavy mods

Light: Radion XR30 gen 4

Additives: alk and calcium dosing.

Water Change: 1.5 gallons a week changed continuously with apex.

I also us a co2 scrubber to keep the ph up.

First pic

[Image: b3db62ce12ca0d8ab027f126c20a17be.jpg]

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OK here's mine

Waterbox 134.5

Lights Aquatic Life Hybrid with AI Hydra 26 HD

[Image: new-additions2-jpg.774613]

Tank - two 80g Deep Blue frag tanks plumbed into a 40g breeder sump 180g total.

Lighting - AI Hydra 52hd will be adding two 4ft T5’s

Additives - Alk and Calcium dosing

Water changes - 15g per week

Day 1 photo 18000k

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Day 1

Tank: sumpless 34 gallon red sea max

Dosing: polyplab one, aquavitro fuel

Water changes: 2 to 3 quarts per day

Lighting: kessil a160

[Image: 4dcfe0271df2acfab55e1031e6159e74.jpg]

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[Image: e3c5e812c1dd004fa16d5dedf22216d4.jpg]

Day one photo
Derek- 46g cadlights tank
Reef breeder photon light
Using an array of aqua forest products for coral health and growth that I got in a raffle
Occasionally feeding reefroids

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[Image: IMG_1251.jpg]

Week 1 Photo
Tank: 40 gallon breeder/long tank
Lights: Chinese box light 180 watts
I feed frozen cubes to my fish and coral. The cubes have a bunch of pureed fish, seaweed, mysis shrimp, and some other stuff.
Week 2 photo[Image: 94a78410d8f3cdf3252da9f6ffa9db0f.jpg]

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I'm not seeing enough participation here to justify a prize... I'll give it another week and make the call I guess. Disappointed...

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Week 2

Added two 48” actinic/ blue T5’s this week.

Unfortunately I had to move some stuff around in the frag tanks this weekend and had to move the frag and ruler which I was hoping to not have to move until the end of the grow out.

[Image: d2f6c95d2e7e9d014a669c49757d0618.jpg]

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