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Full Version: How long have you had a salt tank?
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OK so how long have you had a salt tank? Whether Reef or FOWLR, how long have you been in the hobby?

I have had a salt water tank since 1993. I did have a 10G seahorse tank back in the late 80s but it was only for about 6 months.
I’ve had a tank since I was a kid but I went salt in 2001. Started with a 54 corner then a 75 and moved and got a 29 biocube then a 65 then a 125 and now a 210.
I had freshwater since I was a kid. Got into growing underwater plants with home made c02, didn't work out well.
Got into salt since about January, so around 6 months.

Its a whole new world!!

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I guess I should really clarify my tanks. I had just a FOWLR from 1993 to 2017. I had a 45 for about 10 years and upgraded to a 72BF. I tried some nems in the late 90s and a couple corals but nothing survived. I didn't have good lights and everywhere I went back then, nobody was very helpful at any of the LFS.

I only started reefing back in September, when I setup my 90. The 72BF center support cracked before I could start reefing. I decided I was going to try reefing and got lights for the 72. About 2 weeks later I noticed the crack. I had to scramble to get a quick replacement and I wanted to go bigger. The 90 was the choice (bad one), scaping a 90 sucks, period ! ! When I won the Waterbox I was over the moon. I put everything I had into a 40B and got the space ready for the new tank. Sold the 90 and I am where I am now.
Bred guppies and angel fish all through the 80's and early 90's. Also live plants. Got started in saltwater in the early 90's. I can remember picking out live rock and thinking the ones with aiptasia were the good ones... The earliest saltwater tanks were fish only decorated with large dead coral decor. Then fowlr. Didn't do a full blown reef until 1996ish. Now I am really into the technology of the reef tank. I'm amazed at how far the hobby has come.

Happy Reefing!

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Just made it past the one year mark with m tank I’ve had fresh water fish since I was a kid in a ten gallon and I have had my 55 with cichlids in it for probably six years.... best 50 dollar tank I ever bought lol

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