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Have a current USA 36" 4 bulb t5 with moonlight and timers built in 75$ 4 ati bulbs 2 months old
Bubble magus nac5.5 80$
Pacific sun kore 5th doser with ato/awcs 175$
Mag 18 pump 60$
Nextreef reactor 30$
Everything is located in Hudson nh[Image: bc1fe64a7080307a48b71a389da3bf7f.jpg][Image: 084f926447abe4b0d8dd20b6cc592842.jpg][Image: 85b9e6f4b604804d0247b48a84a0ee16.jpg][Image: 5ecd4f09d432e56d30a377654880ff17.jpg][Image: 961513d9bfb5ffa6918e2923dd51e4c7.jpg][Image: 0e927985b65de50444051e0c1e13da68.jpg]

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You still got these items? Package price?
Thanks Karl
Yesi do only thing sold is the Pacific sun doser pm me what you are looking for

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I'll take the 36 inch light. Shoot me a text [phone number in PM]