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Full Version: watchman gobby has issues
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So my watchman gobby sat under his rock and didnt really move around much untill i added my wavemakers. once my current doubled he decided to come out and he seems to not be strong enough to fight the current and gets stuck in my overflow. after him getting stuck a few times i put him in my fuge but i dont want to leave him in there. i might try a different screen for my o/f but i was wandering if anyone had ideas or has had the same problem. all my other livestock does fine, its just him.
i'd trade a frag for him :-P

are there any dead spots in the tank?  spots with some really low flow for him to hang in?
Seems odd. Do you have a pistol shrimp for him? I bet he'll stay near his hole with a pistol shrimp. Ours never strays more then a few inches from his hole, and we have tons of flow
Ive been looking for a pistol. im debating on whether or not to just let him grow in the fuge till hes bigger or well im not really sure yet.
This is very strange behaviour for this fish.  A watchman goby under normal conditions and in good health should not be getting stuck.
he looks healthy, all my water tests are good. the only thing i can think that changed was the wave makers. he is really small right now.
since i added more rock my watchman is doing much better.
my watchman found a spot tonight. hopefully he will stay there. id hate to have to get rid of him.
good luck. i hope he settles in for you Smile
He got stuck again. i put him back in the fuge and i ordered a pistol shrimp. im going to try that and if it doesnt work im going to have to trade him in for a bigger one