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Full Version: Red Sea Max 130
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Was helping my parents clean out their garage and they've got a Red Sea 130 nano for sale. 34 gal AIO tank. It's older but still in good shape. Couple small scratches on the front glass but was never really noticeable when they had it set up. Stand had some wobble on the concrete garage floor. Unsure if the stand will need some shims or if it was just the floor being uneven. No pictures right now but can get some this weekend.

Willing to entertain any reasonable offer and can meet within a reasonable distance if needed but pick up would be preferred. Located at 03255.
Need this gone. Taking up space. If you're interested let me know and we can make a deal.
[Image: 20180905_190652.jpg]

Tank comes with custom InTank media basket and an equipment cover for the back should you choose to run it without the factory top. Also have a screen lid for it. Power Compacts have next to nothing for use on them.

Shoot me an offer, would like it gone ASAP.
Bump, still taking up room. Somebody has to want it.
Bump. $150 obro need it gone!

Would prefer cash, but willing to trade for euphyllia and/or zoa frags as well.
Bump $125
Any more pics? What's the lighting on the tank

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(10-13-2018, 01:38 PM)benboarder Wrote: [ -> ]Any more pics? What's the lighting on the tank

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The lighting is the stock hood with power compacts. The hood had been removed while it was in use so that an LED light could be used. 

What else would you like to see? It needs a good cleaning as it's been sitting in my parents garage for a bit.
[Image: 20181012-173726.jpg]

[Image: received-1938103943148689.jpg]

[Image: received-298469034268234.jpg]
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