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Full Version: Forum Rules (Please Read)
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Discussion- At all costs the NHFS would like to avoid unnecessary drama whenever possible. This drama many times can be easily avoided with a little understanding, self control and an open mind.  Topical (unemotional) Debates are highly recommended when it comes to reef keeping. Without testing, trying and talking about new or old methods of reef keeping we wouldn't be where we are today as a hobby. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between debating a topic and arguing. A Debate can easily become an argument.  Please keep in mind that we are all full of different ideas and perspectives. Just because one  person believes something to be true doesn't make it fact. Keep an open mind and please be courteous to each other . Science is always changing with newly discovered information. Some topics could be debated for all eternity and we wouldn't get any closer to the truth.  Please when conducting yourself on the forum, do so with respect to others opinions, experiences, and methods.  Feel free to offer up suggestions to people, but don't be offended if they decide not to take your advice.

Problems with other members
- It is inevitable that people with clash with each other. Especially as the club grows, so will the variety of personalities. PLEASE DO NOT BASH EACH OTHER ON THE FORUM!!! This is a place for us to learn and enjoy the hobby. if you have a problem with a member, please refrain from replying negatively to that post or board. Also please refrain from talking behind peoples back. It will eventually aggravate the member or members.. it always does. This will result in yet more forum and club drama. As well as uncomfortable, and tense situations at meetings. If we keep a nice peaceful approach to our behavior on this forum we should be able have a happy and fun time.  If you do have a problem with a member that needs to be resolved..consider respectfully, and politely conversing via PM or maybe even try to talk to that member in person. One of the huge flaws of online conversation is the lack of tone. Many times people can misunderstand someones posts completely, tone is a huge component of communication. Remember the Golden Rule.. Treat others as you would like to be treated. For some reason we all can at times forget how to interact with people online and over react and carry ourselves completely differently in an online format then we would in a real world situation. If a problem requires the attention of the Administration you can always contact them for help. However.. remember the Administration are members just like you and I, who at all costs, really don't need any extra drama in their lives. If we can just be respectful most problems can be resolved or avoided all together.

Flooding (Over posting)
- NHFS encourages posting on the forum, however would like to mention that it discourages pontless over posting.   Flooding by definition is the attempt of a user to overload a system or create (maybe unknowingly) a point in which the bandwidth struggles and overloads from all information being transmitted on the forum or host. 

Commercial Posting
NHFS is supported and run by some very generous businesses which donate funds and merchandise to the club in exchange for some space on the forum for open dialog with members of the forum and advertising space. We appreciate the support and would like to protect their best interests by limiting commercial posts by a non supporting business. For example: If someone signs up on the forum and their first post is a link to their store.. obviously this person is most likely not interested in the club but rather gaining a potential client. It is not fair to the gracious sponsors if anyone can use this forum for a commercial gain. selling personal sells are allowed as long as it is personal and commercial. If we find a member is only here for a commercial gain we will take the necessary steps. We want to have a fun club full of information and trading not a place littered with advertisements.  

Don't Get Involved
If a member sees a problem or notices someone not following any of the forum guidelines outlined in the "Code of Conduct"  please resist the urge to get involved. Please use the "Report to moderator" link on the bottom right of the post  to bring to the problem to the attention of the Administration and Staff. Within that process it allows you to send a short note to the staff with the report so they can check into it. DO NOT try to remedy the situation yourself, usually this results in flaring tempers and will cause more harm than good.

Club Bashing:
We do not feel we are in competition with other clubs. Rather we would like to work together with other local clubs to create an even bigger, stronger community.  We all know about the downfalls of any online social community and probably have all experienced some at some point to bring us where we are now. We ask that you rise above and try not to bash or put down clubs. Saying nothing at all would be more productive. Just another measure to further reduce possible drama.