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Holy s today was exciting! So i closed on my first home this afternoon and then drove straight to the fish store from the title company and ordered a brand new 180 gallon reef ready, vectra m1 and 3 bags of salt. Lol priorities right?
Cant wait to get that going! Building it in wall. Gonna start seeing alot more of me again soon!

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Sounds like you have a plan, congrats on new house ! !
Congrats on the house. I have a skimmer for that size tank if you need one.
Thanks guys! And thanks for the offer drew but a buddy of mine actually gave me one already. The only thing thats gonna take me a while is another radion and mp40

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Let me know when your ready for new radion and mp I can help you out!!

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The mp40 i want to be a qd like my other other one and i have never had good luck with used pumps but im ready for the radion just gotta make sure I have the money lol which model do you have and how much are you asking?

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