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my sunset monti from last years grow out is getting out of control. Let me know if anyone is interested in a piece large or small. 
[Image: DDA4321-D-7-D55-4-DA4-A717-F495339-AFCD3.jpg]

I have a bunch of other sps, chalice, zoas and a Aussie hammer too

And a couple acans
PM’d you

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Just replied
Some pics of what I have.  For sale or sps trade.
Hollywood stunner chalice, watermelon chalice, maze brain, acans, purple birdsnest colony, green ORA birdsnest colonies, pink birdsnest, green pocilapora frags and colonies, dragon eye zoo rock has a few fruit loop heads too. $10-$25 or possible trades.

[Image: 5-D54-A694-66-AD-42-CB-A4-FF-BE45-FDF73-CEE.jpg]

[Image: 323-D18-B6-44-E2-4-B93-BCE0-36537-BADEBA1.jpg]

[Image: F9-AD110-D-09-CE-4-DC7-95-F6-3-D31-A91-DDD65.jpg]

[Image: FE01540-A-10-EF-446-E-BFC8-705169-F90-A90.jpg]

[Image: ED14-F0-CE-F533-480-F-9299-4118121-CE1-DA.jpg]
Hey I know we have talked in the past about meeting up but I finally got my tank figured out from what was killing my corals. That fish is now gone and things are thriving! Would love to work with you on some frags.
I’m in Gilford. Let me know when you would like to come bye and see what I have. I’m usually home weekends in the winter or weeknights would have to be after 7 usually.
I work until 7 and I'm gone weekends so that will work out! Thanks.

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No problem. Let me know when you’re ready.
I'm looking to grab some sunset and probably watermelon chalice

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Let me know when you’re ready
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