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Full Version: November Paly Grow Out Contest
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Wow some of yours are doing great!
Mine still just has the one baby I think.

[Image: b668016fbb8067048d90eb5890d842cf.jpg]

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I'm still in sorry transitioned to a new phone![Image: beeb82a3d4a29bd2c3dcdce23dc13c21.jpg]

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I still have 3 heads. There’s another baby on the bottom popping up.
[Image: ECBC4-DA8-36-F9-4-FBC-BFA0-13-D72-E7-D856-F.jpg]
Unfortunately I have 3 heads but they are completely closed. Battling dinos right now and my zoas are not opening and haven't for a few weeks. Still alive but not open at all. I blow them off a few times a day hoping to see them open to get a pic but no such luck.
I got this tonight of my poor guy struggling with a couple babies...

[Image: contest5-jpg.943902]
Still only the one baby

[Image: 5edf8df5c1d2ecb30170c905181d4f34.jpg]

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Still the one head. Pic from 01 13 19[Image: 2fa434e00bcf155030f33cc6b57b17ee.jpg]

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Not very good pics but growing strong. 5 heads[Image: acb69056a0fbbfd2a1c78241426e2b64.jpg][Image: 83bab226c12617dcd35e2f92d0978a10.jpg]

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Jan 20,2019
Only one polyp still
[Image: 4791a7bf6d140c515123bc4aa06e3a90.jpg]

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Still 3 heads and a baby. Another crappy pic. 

[Image: F6948-F51-3526-4865-BF3-B-A7-E2-D77-D4701.jpg]
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