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Full Version: November Paly Grow Out Contest
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10 Feb.[Image: 58b191aa7ca5f8bf25108d666e81ec75.jpg]

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Still have the 3 heads and a small 1 behind the original. 
[Image: F82-FB220-4-C4-A-4-EB8-B302-D7-C5-D1-D90307.jpg]
Dinos are gone and zoas/palys look much better. 4 heads still going and might be a 5th starting

[Image: Contest8.jpg]
Is there anyone else still in?
I still only have one head and my phone can't get a clear pic at all

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Still only 2 big polyps and 1 small one

[Image: 0f75bd978d9985408d7c6d8f914c1c97.jpg]

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2/22 update

[Image: contest9-jpg.987278]
3/7 update

[Image: contest10-jpg.1001497]
I'm probably DQd for being idle but I moved my grow out off the rack[Image: e541b835e4b72a7eca0b178e8edca058.jpg]

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Who is the winner? Mine moved off the plug like a anemone

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