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Full Version: November Paly Grow Out Contest
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I can't say. I was nhrsutton who initiated it. I just started the thread and try to keep it alive. I have 5 heads now and it it looking fantastic after going through dinos and coming out the other side.
Apperars I lost a baby or 2.. have 4 strong, plus a little tiny thing in the back side.[Image: c2c4f519f4df2e5bbc8c55454c5725e2.jpg]

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I got a good pic and you can see all the heads, 7 now Wink

[Image: img_20190316_121556_1-jpg.1010066]
Got at least 10 heads now

[Image: contest11-jpg.1024122]

Can see a couple under the bigger ones in this pic

[Image: contest12-jpg.1024123]
Who's the winner? I still only have one and it's moving around my tank. Weirdest thing

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jeez I've still got a bunch of these I really like them

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I sold a frag of them today for $10 lol

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