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You have the ability to support the forum with a small donation of $10 or more a year. Immediately after processing the support you, will have your status changed to Supporting Member which displays next you your name.  This lets  everyone know you are a Supporting Member and supporting the cause! The funds for this donation help offset the cost associated with hosting and running the forum. The remaining amount of these donations if any go directly back into the forum in the form of raffle items and products for the NHFS community. We do not believe in monetizing from the reefing community as this directly goes against making an affordable reefing community. We at NHFS appreciate your donations greatly!

perks are continually being added to the list so for now here are the current perks. 
  • Supporting Member $ Added By Name
  • Access to the Members Only Section
  • Access to The Group Buys Section
  • Ad Free On Tapatalk
  • Many Members Sell Corals Cheaper (Usually $5 to $10)
  • Extra Raffle Ticket At Each Swap With A Raffle

To become a supporting member you can pay via PayPal to Sales@nhfragswap.com. Or if you prefer to pay in person you can pay the owner Zach directly.