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Full Version: butterfly fish
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i am thinking about making the 30 breeder i have into a butterfly fish with the pair of clowns i have. what ones that you all know of would this work for? i have a 20 long sump with a huge skimmer that is rated for 200 gal if not more. its gana be going on the 75 one day. i say a few at jays the other day and want to lear as much as i can befor i throw money away.
thanks for any help
some good info here:


has a little info on a bunch of different butterflies
I love Saddleback Butterflies and it would probably do alright in a 30 gallon if you got a juvenile but eventually it would need a bigger tank. I think you'll find this to be true with most Butterflies tho. What are your plans for corals? Cause you'll be pretty limited.
in the 30 breeder i have there only kynya tree and one thing of green dragons eye zoes. that will be about it