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Full Version: I have Been BUSY with New Corals + Corals start at Just 2.99 @ AquariumDepot.com
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I have been spending a lot of time in our coral department - and the hard work is paying off!!  The corals are growing and we have so many new corals available!!  It is super exciting.

Here are just a few!  Visit AquariumDepot to see all of the new items - Enjoy!!  

Looking for SWEET deals?  Visit the Coral Bin - click AquariumDepot.com/CoralBin

[Image: Zoo-Blue_Beauty-10bucks__27578.155758763...1470245597]

[Image: spath-_rasberry_lemonade__97937.15566790...1470245597]

[Image: Paly_-_Blood_Agave__41394.1556679910.128...1470245597]

[Image: Mixy_Ricordea-3__64746.1557657255.1280.1...1470245597]