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Full Version: coral for sale
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[Image: C21-D2-A3-F-5-D1-D-4863-8-F41-8608-D0-D5-D14-C.png]

where to upload images

pics available upon request i’m in dover nh
Any pics of the frogspawn or octospawn to show the colors?

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[Image: AE42661-F-2-A19-4046-BE6-C-DEA51-D8047-F0.jpg]

lights just came on octo is hard to see but it’s got a sort of yellow mouth

green and purple tip
Are you interested in any trading?

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depends for what message me and lmk
Anything I have multiples of

[Image: 2fe9f068a6ac8ba4bab2bd7e1b6cd847.plist][Image: 97e83feeec85d5cc0bf2d7200dffaf83.plist][Image: ceeaee26a9f07a4d62b818fdb3a8db1c.plist]

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i’d be interested in some stuff for one of the bounce shrooms