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Full Version: Tank move question
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I'm moving next week. And I'm wondering what's the best way to move the tank. It's only a 40g aio with minimal coral but I dont want to kill everything off when I move.

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You going to try and keep everything including water? If so you'll need something to move it in or use plastic totes with lids to put rock and corals in with some water. It will spill but should do the trick. A couple 33 gal brutes 1/2 filled with lid would work too and if you get them with the dolly wheels you can just roll them around. Also depends on distance moving too.
I'm only moving 2 streets away. Dont wanna disrupt the sand. That's my biggest thing.

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Also start by removing as much water as u can before disturbing any of the rock work. Once you move the rock you will get detritus and other muck stirred up. If the tank has been running a while you might want to replace the sand. It can get nasty pretty quick.