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Full Version: Coral for sale or possible trade
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[Image: DEE07223-8071-48-F1-907-B-7528-A2953015.jpg] [Image: C3-E4-EEA5-D721-429-B-B1-C8-D27-A9-E70221-D.jpg] [Image: E1-D3300-B-19-B7-4-FAD-ADE2-97-ED45102-FA1.jpg] [Image: 92-CEEA7-A-C6-DB-4168-92-F6-ECD86-AD0-FA40.jpg] [Image: 12-E460-EA-6818-4-F43-A6-C4-38680-BBFC664.jpg] [Image: 163-D55-AB-25-A1-4738-AE1-E-2027-C0337-EEC.jpg] [Image: E4-A76-F13-E977-4-B31-B392-3-D72-B555-BADB.jpg] [Image: 6-AB134-AF-5075-4-AAF-96-CE-3018-FEDA9-D26.jpg]

For sale or possible trade.  Located in Gilford. Zoas, super bright candy canes, a few different montis,  Gatorade birdsnest (ORA), pink birdsnest,purple stylo, Aussie purple tip hammer and more.  $5 and up
I still have some good size frags.  Adding some sps and a small 3 head Duncan.  
[Image: A33-F76-D0-9-D42-49-C1-8-B5-A-6-AA01633-FE3-B.jpg]

[Image: 6-B7-E83-D8-938-F-4-D9-D-9643-D21-A95-FDCA85.jpg]

[Image: 25-FF2504-7872-450-F-AE50-8-F8-EA7260908.jpg]

[Image: BFF8-F158-8-CFD-48-F9-A5-E4-452262-F26-DB6.jpg]
And a piece of this.