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Full Version: Powder Coating
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Anyone have any friends in the business of powder coating? I have a set of wheels for my car I want to powder coat but the quote I got of $125/wheel is a little steep. The wheels only cost me 175 each 5 years ago.... Can't see spending 125 per wheel just to coat them.
There is a place right next to my work that does it. I’ll have to get the name for you.
So I just looked into the place near my work and they charged my boss $200 per wheel to sand blast and powder coat. They are 22” wheels though. So $125 each might not be that bad.
Thanks for checking them out ! !
I just came across this and thought of you.
[Image: 0-D8-E6-ADD-C48-A-4-FD4-9631-451-AA9675-B14.png]
Hmmmm, Facebook?
I have a family friend with a business and s company I've worked at that also does it. and one friend who dabbled in it with an at home set up

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My wheels do need to be sand blasted first and the place in Derry included that in the price. I might just bite the bullet with them.