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Full Version: C-vue 40 $375 and some equipment also for sale
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Cobalt 40 gallon aio, stand, glass top, a
[Image: IMG-20210429-055256.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20210416-154912.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20210413-160251.jpg]

quamaxx hang on 1.0 skimmer or macro aqua M50 for 25 less, 2 fluval sea and marine 36 inch bluetooth app control lights, current light brackets, 2500 dc return pump, ehiem Jager heater, 3 pairs of filter socks, and innovative marine tank mat. This is an almost 100% ready to go setup that was just taken down, and is 40 breeder footprint. Tank isn't scratched anywhere. For an additional $150 will include apex classic with temp, ph probes and energy bar 4 and wifi adapter. Not looking to part out

Apex jr with temp probe $125
48 inch 2 bulb T5 retrofit kit with 2 blue plus and one purple plus all new never used $130
Apex classic with new EB4 ph probe and temp probe, will also take ORP probe as well (just not included) $200
Believe I have a wxm I could include with either for a little extra.
still have
Tank is gone

Only the T5 setup left